home, so far...


One of the things I look forward to the most about home is the abundance of insanely fresh (we're talking from the ground to your plate in less than 30 minutes or your money back!), delicious, plentiful foods! So I figured I'd lead off my vacay updates with a shot of a plate I shared with my friend Dag at a little place called The Market Chef in Friday Harbor. The roasted vegetables cannot be matched...

...except, perhaps, by the sandwiches! Here, Dag enjoys a little number entitled "My Sister's Favorite" which is a warm pile-up of sprouts, apple, melted cheese, sunflower seeds and spicy mustard. Yeeeeeah.




A few things about Dag: she lives in a cabin in the woods with three ducks, seven chickens, three finches, and a cat named Zowie; she loves glitter nail polish, Marc Bolan, and tiny backpacks; she has the most amazing cache of beautiful weird old clothes, mostly gathered from the local thrift store (to which we have been every single day since I've arrived. So many scores!); she pretty much always looks this awesome, and yep, you'll be seeing a lot more of her on here during the next few weeks, you lucky things!


hannah and landon said...

I want to live with Dag! I also want to eat that food.

Sandra said...

I love your glasses! xo

sarah said...

omnomnom ... that sandwich looks delicious.
i believe i need to recreate it.

calivintage said...

yay, cute sister time! also, i can't get that sammich out of my mind now. must recreate!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great, so joyful!

Anonymous said...

Do she blog?

Ringo, have a banana! said...

No, sadly, Dag doesn't blog...yet. But I promise to document the hell out of her every move while I'm here! Ooh, and we may be starting up an Etsy shop for her before I leave, which I'll be sure and let you guys know about!

reckless daughter said...

Ah, she's awesome!

Friday Harbor as in Washington?! I miss the Northwest!

explicit.rex said...

those shades. THOSE SHADES.

I love them.

kristin renner said...

Your friend reminds me a little bit of Chloe Sevigny in these photos!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

reckless: yep, you got it! I was born and raised in the San Juans :n )

kristin: it's funny, she's gotten that once or twice before as well! Sometimes I think that's maybe why I have such a girl crush on Chloe. Or...maybe that's why I like Dag so much?? Chicken/egg, haha!

MissKellie said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! And you've been thrifting every day?! Keep on living the dream! :D


Sarah J said...

She is perfectly wonderful!

Chip said...

i don't care if I sound crazy
I can totally SMELL the salad
ok... no I do sound crazy

cute set of photos :) love your glasses

Eli said...

so cute! like a real Marsha Brady. Also I just saw your feature today in the Bust Mag at work, sooo cute! congrats

discothequechic said...

That sandwich sounds insaane. And hearing about your stories of going home always makes me want to visit Washington, it sounds so verdant and beautiful! Log cabins!? Chh..

broom people said...


I knew you were from the west coast but had no idea where.. though I am Australian, one of my loveliest friends Bristol is from Friday Harbour.. usually I would never imagine that you might know her but it is a very small island right? Anyway your pictures are lovely!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Broom: could it be Bristol Whalen (think I'm spelling that right?) If so, I don't really know her but I definitely know of her! Or maybe it's another Broistol? It IS a very small island hahaha.

Emily and Abigail said...

great sunglasses!!


Love_Again said...

Love the photos of Dag.

That sandwich sounds so delicious!

RINO said...

your blogspot is very amazing !!



Lexie, Little Boat said...

your friend is gorgeous! what a pair you two make!

Outi said...

What a yum yum plate!

Inspired to make some roasted vegetables now... :-)

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