(too?) hot to trot


It is HOT in the City today, the kind of day when air conditioning is no longer a "choice," it's a matter of fact. I think I've pretty much sweated out all the iced coffee I had with Maya and now, truth be told, I'm propped up sans pants with a stack of magazines between me and my computer (which makes a great lap warmer in the winter but becomes absolutely revolting in the summer...)

Anyways, my point is, this photo of Chloë in Jamaica is reminding me of why I am, in fact, so glad it's summer once again: flushed skin, fresh flowers, cool shade, sandy toes and polka dot bikinis. All this assuming, of course, I get to take a freakin' vacation sooner than later!

(photo by Carol Lim from the Opening Ceremony Blog)


Zoë said...

Only Chloë could pull off looking flushed yet still sexy. I've heard of the infamous NY summers. I'm fit to faint when it goes above 30 degrees!


Sounds wonderful, if you have a holiday make sure its fabulous!

Lizz said...

I'm so excited for summer vacation too. Hope yours is lots of fun!

Higgeldy-Piggeldy said...

i wish i looked this chic at the beach last week.

Everyone calls me Coco. said...

Warm weather in Jamaica would be pleasant and wonderful. Warm weather in the city is smelly, dirt, and claustrophobic. Blegh. Girls got some big feet!