On hot, grouchy days when I can barely muster the strength to put on a dress and shoes, let alone even attempt to look "pulled together", I find myself coming back time and a again to this Style Like U feature on model/photographer/stylist Sidney Geubelle. Not only does she pull off a slew of perfect, hot-weather appropriate outfits, but she is so dang bubbly and sweet and energetic that I can't help but smile--even when the world outside feels like one big sweaty armpit.






While poking around, hoping to add a little bit more Sidney to my life, I came across these photos taken by Pieter-Jan de Pue for Dutch Vice. I love the dusty, eerie quality of the first two especially--I feel like they could have been taken in any number of decades, which I find fascinating.

(photos by Pieter-Jan de Pue found here)


samantha said...

Style Like U always inspires me somehow, someway. And these photos, are AMAZING. Saving to my computer now.

Sara in America said...

She's adorable. I love that Dior bustier.

This is her blog btw:


Ringo, have a banana! said...

I wish she still posted there! Seems like it's been a while, dang it.

Becca Jane said...

She is so cute - and has such fantastic style.

Cindy said...

syd. is a fav. of mine. god i love that site.

young-shields said...

ah i posted on this video a while ago, i do love it! x