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Ok, so my weekend?? Bizarro world. Friends, I could not make this shit up if I tried. Long story short, I found out last week that the amazing people at streetwear brand 55DSL wanted to fly me to Italy to cover their Galactic Foosball Finals for FADER. Knowing little more than what I've told you in that sentence, I said HELLS YES. A few days later, I was in Bassano del Grappa at the foot of the Italian Alps, snapping photos of giddy, grappa-soaked dudes facing off over red and blue plastic foosmen (an actual term, I looked it up! Research!!)

Even though I only spent a total of about 36 hours over there (and almost that much in the air, I swear to gawd), it was an incredible time filled with insanely kind people, the best pizza I've ever had in my life, nutella gelato, poorly dubbed classic American films starring Frank Sinatra, a jacuzzi tub, $17 sunscreen and very, very little sleep.

You can check out my post over on the FADER blog for a few more photos/details from the weirdest weekend of my adult life. I'd also like to throw in a GINORMOUS thank you to 55DSL for showing this scrappy little lady such a wonderful, welcoming time. Let's do this again real soon, ok????


Sarah J said...

Ooooh my goodness.
Did you say nutella icecream?
I would have settled for just that, Italy too? You really are lucky!!

Zoë said...

jeez, that shit looks INSANE!

i miss italian gelato!

Chelsea said...

That is so incredibly bizarre, I love it!

J.P. said...

holy crap that's awesome!
SUPER random.
but completely awesome.