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hiding violets


I recently dug up these photos I took back in January during a quick trip home to the Islands and never got around to sharing. It was during a strange warm snap, and there were little flowers blooming everywhere (though sometimes they were hiding and you had to poke around a bit to find them.)

Also, as you can see from the last photo especially, I made out with some great loot as always, including but not limited to: a giant old safety pin for $1, a big antique rug for $30, a tea towel that reads "The Favorite Cat", two striped shirts, some red wool socks, a leather belt, a Panty Raid record and a rainbow glasses case (gave to Alex), a Francoise Hardy album (gave to Cassie), a vase shaped like a leopard print high heel, plus assorted stationary and books. I've pretty much given up trying to "thrift" here in NYC, and instead I save my energies for my twice yearly trips home, where everything is cheap and old and plentiful and wonderful.


Courtney Riddle said...

really lovely pictures!!

do you happen to know the origin behind "the favorite cat"? or any information besides that you thrifted it?

i recently was in japan for a little vacation.. and the place i was staying had a picture of "the favorite cat"!! i took a picture because it was funny and cute: http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j147/courtneyart/japan/IMG_0576-600.jpg

so... curious now!

Anonymous said...

i love your pictures ! great !


Camille said...

Beautiful pictures, I find the wood one particularly interesting! I'm facing the same problem with thrifting: since I moved to a big city, charity shops are a lot more expensive than back home. It's strange, I would have expected it to be the other way!

rebecca said...

I love the snowdrops - early bluebells! :)


raincoatsinthesun said...

i love the resemblance and theme of pictures 5 & 6 - you've got a great eye!

OLT said...

Agreed. No real thrift here. But there's a newish Goodwill Outlet (priced by the pound, things in bins) located at 47-47 Van Dam in Long Island City, Queens - one stop past Queensboro Plaza on the 7. I used to check it out often cos I worked nearby. Almost always left with a several awesome things for under $5. Best to go during the morning on a weekday.

Meggstatus said...

Thanks for the offer! If I have any questions I will contact you. I think I'm good for now, my boyfriend gave me a little tutorial today so I think I'm good for now (I'm sure I will have questions later.)Sounds like you had a productive thrifting day! Can't wait until I can go on monday.

Mimi said...

Great blog- it really is looking lovely and very inspirational.
I have just started up my blog recently, and just trying to get it out there :)
Would love for you to check it out and leave me your thoughts and suggestions.