Having been relatively unemployed for some time now, I've had to be fairly stingy where treating myself is concerned. A couple weeks ago though, after another late night session on craigslist trolling the depths of the cesspool otherwise known as "Gigs," I came across a marketing firm that was offering a $25 Amazon.com giftcard for thirty minutes spent reviewing a new website.

The company's address was in the same wing of the Chelsea Markets as the Food Network offices, so how shady could it be, right? My Amazon wishlist is always a mile long, and I didn't have much else going on...So, after a painless half-hour spent spewing my inner monologue into a computer monitor, I emerged victorious, with twenty-five internet dollars burning a hole in my pocket.




What to buy with those $25 was a no-brainer. A few days before, I had taken advantage of my favorite library (aka Barnes & Noble) to compare a few books I had been itching to own. After carefully inspecting The Sartorialist, Facehunter, and The Selby Is in Your Place, I decided hands down that The Selby Is in Your Place takes the cake.

Not only are the photos amazing (duh) but it contains an exciting mix of old favorites (Bill and Fanny, Helena Christensen, above) from the blog along with new, print-exclusive homes (like Lou Doillon's, above top.) The book itself is also just beautifully put together in a simple, unfussy, but incredibly charming way. I honestly can't recommend it enough!


On the subject of treats: last week, while strolling through the Union Square Greenmarket, I came across a sight that literally made my heart leap. A small stand was selling nothing but buckets and buckets of freshly bundled Lilly of the Valley! These have always been a sort of mythical, storybook flower to me, something strictly confined to mossy dells and Brian Jacques novels. I would always beg my mom to try and grow them in our garden, but they rarely seemed happy and never actually lived long enough to bloom.


I had to stop myself from spending a week's grocery money on a whole bucket, and brought this little bundle home instead, which I set in my Roost teapot. I'd always had the sneaking suspicion that "Lilly of the Valley" was a scent solely invented by Crabtree & Evelyn--I mean really, what flower could actually smell like that?? But they do! A bit like roses, but more so, and entirely unique. And worth every penny.


Suzy said...

we had lilly of the valley grow all along the side of our house that got the most shade, which may have added to its mystery for me personally. there were only boys in my neighborhood until i was like ten, so if we were all playing outside and i wanted to be alone, i'd go sit in these flowers for a while and imagine they made music with their perfectly-shaped bells.

plus, my fricken name means 'lilly of the valley,' though i think we've been over this. ah, yes, only with siri would i have twice conversed on a floral subject.

Helen said...

My life is a little more complete now I've seen Brian Jacques novels referenced in a style blog. Makes me wanna read Redwall all over again...

Becca Jane said...

I love lily of the valley - it is the most beautifully scented flower, and so delicately pretty.

Question: is that your teapot? Because if so, it is fabulous and I'd love to know where it came from.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Becca: it is indeed! It was a Christmas gift a couple years ago, but it can be found here:


I also really want a matching cup or two:


Ooh, and the milk and sugar, of course:


Anonymous said...

i want this book toooo


Izzy said...

love the blog now following!

'All Swamped in Flowers'

Camille said...

Lily of the valley really is one of my favourite flowers. Also, my mom has always been wearing the Diorissimo perfume (Dior), which is based on it; the smell always reminds me of her!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Lily of the valley is my favourite! Every year I try to steal some off someone's lawn. It grows pretty abundantly around here, although sadly not on my lawn or in my yard.

Tebonin said...

nice photos, great decoration, really, very amazing, love them all

Radu Prisacaru said...

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Sara said...

We must be living parallel lives-i just picked some Lilly-of-the-Valley last week while walking around my 'hood. I pressed them and sent them off to my Ma for her bday. They are the most beautiful little gem-like flowers. Almost too perfect to be real.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

They really are, right?? And they even smell after they're dried! I was going to dump the sad, withered up old remnants from my tea pot into the trash, but I saved a few little wrinkled blossoms and stuck them in a corner of my cork board.