Fair Weather


Last Saturday, I rounded up a few friends and headed to the newly opened Hester Street Fair. Just as I was leaving, I bumped into Eddie (aka Mr. Newton) and he snapped my photo for his blog (one of my very faves for streetstyle.) I'm wearing a pair of vintage overalls I got in Harajuku (I was sure that they must just be Levi's or something that were brought over from the US, but they have old Japanese tags and everything!) as well as my wonderful jute bag from bOmode Vintage.

The Fair itself was really fun, relatively small but packed to the brim with things to smell, touch, buy, and more importantly EAT! I'd been dying to try a lobster roll from Luke's Lobster for ages...so I did! And then I had a ginger brew...and a fancy bacon/maple/cream cheese-filled macaroon. All that, supplemented with bites of Alex's raspberry hibiscus popsicle and pulled pork sandwich, and I was pretty much in heaven. I took some film photos with my Canon that I'll share just as soon as I get them developed.


diamants dans la poussière said...


Caitlin said...

yay! you look so cute, I think I ended up going to the fair a total of 8 times this past weekend...I want to get one of the popsicles next time, they looked so good!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Oh man, I really want to try all the popsicles, especially the avocado one, which sounds potentially gross but also potentially amazing!

Love_Again said...

oh my! sounds like food heaven. cute as can be outfit you got going on there.

Mimi said...

I have just created my own blog two days ago and slowly figuring the whole thing out!

I would love you to take a look and tell me what you think,

I promise I will keep updating as much as I can!



Anonymous said...

J'adore ta salopette ! ça a l'air si confortable !

Clare said...

You look lovely! Love his blog too.

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Jessica said...

Lookin' good, cool girl!! Those overalls are kindaa amazing and congrats on the streetstyle photo! That's so exciting! Sortta a dream of mine...one day, maybe! Also, are those Saltwater sandals? I don't think I've seen them in brown before...they look pretty perfect! I'm on the hunt for some good summer sandals!


zoë, lion heart vintage said...

WOW - best overall ensemble ever!

Anonymous said...

so cute !


anabela / fieldguided said...

Look at you, Miss Summertime! xo

The Railway House said...

Heavens above, you're very lucky to have such nice weather at the moment. I'd give anything to get my florals outside of the woollen jackets right now.

Vivian said...

Off topic but I just saw this on Garance's blog and thought you'd appreciate some RUSSH love:

Also, love the shoes! I'm trying to find something similar (for cheap) and faiiillllinggg.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Yesss, oh man I just saw that post by Garance and let out a semi-audible whoop of excitement. Stevie, my hero!

These sandals are actually quite cheap, they're Saltwater Sandals and they'll run you about $35 on mysaltwatersandals.com (plus super fast shipping!) They really are amazing comfortable and I can't recommend them enough!

stephanie renee said...

you do summer well!

Lis-x- said...

Love the dungarees! Very you!

Lis xXX

Off The Wardrobe

Alex Frank said...



Page said...

I love your shoes, your bag, and your overall-- everything!! your entire outfit loooks sooooo lovely!!
im looking forward to more posts. :)
and youre welcome to visit mine if youd like :)