dylan forsberg




Beautiful photos of Hanne Gaby Odiele by Dylan Forsberg. Hanne is one of my very favorite models, maybe because she really looks like no one else. I think some people are a bit put off by her strong, somewhat strange features, but I find them truly fascinating. The fact that she also seems pretty rad in person (and has an adorable accent) doesn't hurt either!


Jules Carla Arthur Thomas Lou. Bouly Chuisano De-Paris said...

I like that.

Camille said...

Fantastic! She is one of my favourites too; I find that her somewhat strange features make her stand out as they give her character and personality. She cannot be mistaken for anyone else!

Jelly said...

actually I think she looks like lenz von johnston! [i love em both]


she is insanely beautiful :')

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Wooow, Jelly, you're so right!! I guess maybe I've just never seen another girl who looks like her? She's totally got that über Scandinavian pale blond man thing goin' on, only she's a beautiful lady which is what makes it all so amazing.

. said...

Wow I love that you have a Forsberg post. I found his stuff on Feverish about a week ago and it's addicting.

I also really like your blog by the way, I wish you had a tumblr so I could reblog it. Maybe I'll take a screenshot and post it. Either way I'm stoked I found it.

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