Teardrops on my Telephone


Alex recently did a little guest post over on the FADER blog about this mind-bogglingly huge Hunx & His Punx pin he bought at SXSW.

Fittingly enough, Alex Frank (aka the Other Alex, style assitant at FADER) was sporting a Yes Homo tee that day, which happens to be the name of my
favorite fake glam band. Cuh-razy.

(photo by John Francis Peters)


Anonymous said...

wow. WOW. like, bullet deflecting power. very impressive pin. off to check out the guest post!

rebecca artemisa said...

um, that pin's pretty great, and i love that there's a band called "yes homo"

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice! I'm in Japan now. Very kawaii!

Cecilia Margarita de Corral said...

Hunx is the most incredible dude ever. I have the pin with him from "Teardrops on my Telephone". Riiiidiculous!

vv said...

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Kristen said...

that is fantastic! I saw hunx & his punx last SXSW... they were so much fun.

Clare said...

That is an awesome badge, most definitely blog worthy.

tweet tweet tweet


Meggstatus said...

This takes the saying bigger is better a bit literally.

I wish I was passed out right about now. I was on my way to sweet and delusional dreams after a long day of work when I got woken up by a fucking earth-quack!!!!!! Doesn't really get worse than that.

Anonymous said...

fantastic !