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Even though this magazine cover is a good two years old (looks like it came out on my birthday!) the photo feels just right for a day like today. Here's the article that I think originally accompanied it.

Saturday I was so sad because we just missed out on nabbing some lilacs from the Union Square farmer's market. I bought some really pretty tulips instead, but they weren't quite the same.



Lilacs are such an important part of Spring in my mind. There's a big bush behind my parents' house, and every year I would wait and wish and hope that they'd be blooming enough by the 1st of May to make May Day crowns.


Anyways, today on my walk back from Beacon's Closet I spied two enormous bucketfulls of big purple flowers outside Khim's Grocery Store. All afternoon the breeze coming through our window smelled the way sunshine feels on your legs the first day of the year you wear shorts.


pia said...


rebecca said...

Lilac is a colour normally associated with Spring, but for some reason I really like Duck Egg blue as well :) Pastels!!!

It's Cohen

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh I love lilacs! I also grew up right next to a huge lilac bush (our neighbours had two huge lavender-coloured ones and a smaller white one) and I think they smell the best. That crown you linked to is pretty AMAZING!!

caramelizedvintage said...

Spring sounds lovely wherever you live! I love the last photos of the flowers and the light shining through the curtain.

Astrid said...

Every year when you start talking about Spring and Summer, it makes me all jealous because where I live it's turning colder :(
On a bright note, I love tulips!

Gio Goi Jackets said...

I looooove Alexa Chung! Shes so pretty

Anonymous said...

i love alexa chung too.
beautifull flowers.


Clare said...

Lovely, very suited to May. Lovely tulips! I had to settle for daffodils.

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Lexie, Little Boat said...

unrelated: did you see the elle UK with chloe on the cover?! i totes thought of you when i saw it!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Lexie, I did! And I read the interview inside and it was really charming! I thought the photos were maybe a little too over-the-top-girly for my liking, especially with all that hand writing, but still, she looked great.