bOmode Vintage Giveaway!






Exciting news my friends! I'm teaming up with Peggy from bOmode Vintage this week to give you guys a chance at winning this gorgeous tie-waist skirt (which also can be worn as a top!)

Here's some deets on the skirt:

• It's handmade from vintage cotton fabric.
• It's 17.7" long.
• The waist is elasticized, and can stretch from 25.5" to 29.5" -- HOWEVER, this measurement can also be adjusted, so please feel free to enter even if you don't quite fit this range!

How to enter:

• Visit bOmode's shop.
• Find an item you like and copy its url.
• Paste that url into a comment and tell me what you'd wear the item with (in real life or fake life, up to you!)

That's it! The giveaway will be open until 12:01am next Thursday morning, at which time I will choose a winner. Also, bOmode has kindly offered to ship worldwide, so this contest is open to every last one of you! Please make sure that I have a way of contacting you--if your email is on your profile that's fine, just let me know.

Good luck :n )



Rachel said...


I'd wear it with a vintage floral dress, some strappy sandals and a suntan :)

Anonymous said...


I would wear with a wide leg khaki pant and a pair of blue shoes.

calivintage said...

ok, i like totally need that skirt in my life because i am desperate for more separates in my life right now.

anyway, my fave: http://www.etsy.com/listing/40602195/vintage-wool-chunky-oversize-cardigan

it's a cream colored chunky cable knit cardigan. it'd be good with high rise jeans and a silk blouse, but honestly, i would wear it over almost anything. yes, warm weather is upon us, but you always need to pack a cozy sweater with you when you go out to a bbq or picnic and the sun goes down.

Stephanie said...

I love the Vintage Pale Floral Maxi Silk Dress (@ http://www.etsy.com/listing/35291939/vintage-pale-floral-maxi-silk-dress). It's perfect on its own, for frolicking barefoot in the meadow!

stephanie.i.kuo [at] gmail.com

CarolineBundesen said...

Ohh.. It was hard to chose one item but I really like this jumpsuit:
I would wear it with a wide belt, which would define my weist. Then i would have a nice summer tan(that's impossible for me to get - so that's imageanry =) ), then I would put on some gladiator sandals and a black clutch. On one of my fingers I would wear a ring, with a bow on.

Katie said...

I LOVE GIVEAWAYS! Especially when I'm not excluded from them because of where I live!


I would love this with a pretty shirt dress. Like this one at aa: http://store.americanapparel.ca/rsacm300.html?cid=29


rebecca said...

haha, the peter pan collar obsession continues!!
I'm feeling white tights, mary janes, and a gold necklace. Or maybe a daisy chain one, I haven't quite decided :p


idée_géniale said...


K, first of all, i wish these shoes were my size because they're awesome! so fun. I'd want to pair them with a lovely canary yellow dress and maybe throw in that fuschia hat they have listed too! I don't really have an occasion to wear this fantasticly fun outfit but hey, a girl can dream...


katia said...

first of all i LOVE that skirt!

but another item i love is

i would wear it with a pair of black hot pants shorts. and a pair of simple wedges


Sara in America said...

I love that skirt!!!

My choice is this:


I'd wear it with a lacy cream top tucked in and small flat oxfords.


Aubrey said...


I'd wear it with a Navy and white polka dot blouse with some high waist relaxed fit cutoffs and some swedish hasbeens for summer... Ah, I can just see it now!

Juliette said...


I'd wear it with my purple tweed cardigan.

-Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

jesse.anne.o said...

All of those vintage cotton skirts are really frickin' adorable, as is that cowgirl top but this one stole my heart:


I would wear it with a pair of fuschia flats (it's such a gamine dress, after all)and with a black cotton clutch I have with ruffles on it.

marie said...


a black and white polka-dot oversize tee, black skinny leggings, black buckle oxford booties, a black turban, and a brightly colored bag.

Amy said...

I would wear it with a plain, pale pink vest with a couple of necklaces on; then a pair of cream shorts that go to the knee. To finish my brown brogues that also have a floral pattern on, to complement the blouse, not compete. :)

Vaughn said...


I really like this skirt for a lot of reasons. I could wear it all year round and paired with a lot of different think which is important cause I'm as hell. It's dark and I love dark colors. It's got a beautiful not in your face print. It has pockets!

Unfortunately it's a tiny bit small for me. :(

Anonymous said...


I love this Vintage Christian Lacroix knit skirt! It eminds me a lot of the knits on the runways lately. I would pair it with a red leather vest or tank, big chunky bangles and black or red platform heels and my blacked out aviator sunglasses!

Kristina Phelps said...


I would wear these shoes while running around town with my fiancee.

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! My favorite item is: VINTAGE PURSE
I would wear this purse with a LBD and a fuchsia peep-toes!

Ana Belén R.M

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm I love this http://www.etsy.com/listing/44030019/baby-doll-grey-cotton-dress-with
Sign me up!
I would wear with a feather headband and dark pretty ballerinas!

MªCarmen, jnb_88@hotmail.com, Spain

Ofelia B Moleskine. said...

that skirt is gorgeous!!! i love it! an other thing i loved from bomode (it took me a long time to pick it)was this african skirt http://www.etsy.com/listing/43935417/african-print-high-waist-mini-full-skirt

i'd wear it with a cream sleeveless silk shirt, a really high and messy hair bun. then reddish sandals and some handmade earings i made!!


lauryn said...

I love the tutti-frutti dress!
For some reason the ruffles and the bow in the back just seem so outrageously cute. I'd wear my heair pinned back and some tan wegdes for a super-springy look, and if I needed it, a drapey neutral cardigan over the top.


Sarah said...


I dream of wearing this dress as a house-wife in the late 50's. The dress would be a lovely accompaniment on a sunny afternoon, taking the kids on a picnic at the park. Wearing pastel pink short heels, pearls and a smile, this would be just a perfect dress for a perfect day.

Mallory said...


I would wear this with the sleeves rolled up, loosely tucked into a tighter black ruffled skirt that I have (they're not really ruffles..more like layers). Add a long necklace with a knot tied in it, a coordinating ring and shoes depend on the occasion! There are lots of possibilities with this shirt.

Vivian said...

I couldn't choose one so here are two!:

1. http://www.etsy.com/listing/44388368/vintage-lavender-day-dress
Perfect for spring picnics! I'd wear it with vintage sunglasses and a straw hat with some comfortable oxfords. Now if only I can find a straw hat that doesn't scream L.A. hipster!

2. http://www.etsy.com/listing/36075962/vintage-grey-wool-aline-jacket
Oh man, wool swing jackets, you are my love. I'd wear these with a darker tan pant, rolled up with either an oxford (seriously, that's all I wear) or a heel from the Miu Miu s/s 2010 line.

And in case my email address isn't showing:
vleecello at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

These sunglasses: http://www.etsy.com/listing/33848264/vintage-poloraid-sunglasse

... with my new Eve Gravel lace dress & some flat, strappy brown sandals while takin' the dog for a walk in the park!

That skirt would also be worn on many-a spring/summer dog walks <3

Love the shop! This purse is also pretty glorious: http://www.etsy.com/listing/43765487/vintage-50s-brown-handbag


Eyeliah said...

cool shop! great giveaway, thanks.
this dress is pretty rad, I'm thinking my thick beige belt and beige boots, some dark sunnies, maybe even a floppy hat.

Sher said...

Oh, I've been looking for satchel bags lately so this one appeals to me the most!



arnique said...

Totally into English sports right now, so I'd pick the black boots and pair them with my mom's red Zara blazer and my sister's cream dress for an updated polo look. ;P


Anonymous said...

This store is great!

I'd wear these Italian cut-out Maryjanes http://www.etsy.com/listing/44795240/vintage-italian-cut-out-maryjane

with my black vintage Jaegar London short-pouffy skirt, opaque black tights, black+white stripe boatneck top, and a Bardot pony-tail. A Franco-Italia alliance.

Thanks bOmode/Ringo :)
lindsay/ Dazzling.Exciting@gmail.com

Victoria said...

Enter me! I love http://www.etsy.com/listing/44995926/vintage-black-n-white-geometric-silky and I wear it with a navy blue tank top, dark blue peep toes and a huge sunglasses in brown!


Alie said...


I'd wear this beauty with a pair of dark wash denim skinnies, some black open-toed wedge heels, a red scarf and some gold bracelets.



Zoë said...


I'd wear this á la Sissy Spacek in Badlands, oxfords, shorts, freckles & my red hair tied up in a scarf


Zoe/B said...

If these vintage cut-out shoes were my size, i'd wear them with dark olive denim and a white boyfriend button-up. and when not wearing them, i'd display them on a special shelf in my closet.


thanks! ~Beth


ArtSnark said...


Would look great with steampunk googles & tights

kelly said...

oh thanks for this lovely giveaway!
now this bag was crying out to me - what's not to love. http://www.etsy.com/listing/31594610/vintage-rafia-woven-large-tote-bag peppermint colours! it fits the weather as it's getting hotter. I'd wear it with khaki linen shorts, a crisp white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of hasbeens, turquoise bangles, and red lipstick!

Jenny said...

I would wear...the turquoise 50's style day dress with tiny white flowers. http://www.etsy.com/listing/39966255/vintage-green-cotton-dress-with-tiny

My accessory: red!
With the dress I would wear red lipstick (NARS Heat Wave preferably!) I have red hair and would style my pretend bangs like Betty Page and wear a daisy behind my ear. For shoes: engine red velvet kitten pumps.


love posy said...

There are so many adorable items!

For a rainy day

dark blue peacoat
cream button up shirt
floral skirt
knee high yellow rainboots

spookie said...


I'd wear this red plaid shirt in the snowy winter with a furry ear flap hat on a data with a boy who has massive sideburns sipping hot chocolate in front of a outdoor fireplace. We would gaze into each others eyes and freeze our butts off, but at least I'd be cute.


Melissa said...

Cute shop, super adorable and affordable.

I love these: Western Oxfords


I'd wear them with

-Slim, slightly distressed, cuffed jeans.
-A breezy, loose, white button down.
-A small brown leather pocket book (vintage)
-Classic Black Raybans
-Bright, burgundy leather, wrap Bracelet

Anonymous said...


i'd wear this with a band tee-shirt (preferably grey or white) and black or purple flats. perfect for a day of music shopping!

thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

georgi (hamsterguppies.wordpress.com)

Anonymous said...

beautifull !


AmeliaKate said...


perfect skirt for summer!

Speedbump said...


I'm super into beige lace right now, but can never find the perfect pieces. This one is too large for me (alas!) but I'd wear it with 70s wooden platform sandals, a large floppy hat, and a loose silk blouse in a pretty print.

seasonalrain [at] gmail [dot] com

genevieve a.k.a. the bandit said...

as if they'd ever fit me, but i would cut them into shorts and wear them like chloe sevigny did for her opening ceremony photographs

T.V and Book Addict said...

Oh my I'm in love! It's gorgeous!! *crosses finger like crazy*

That green belt's my favorite item bc it's in my favorite color. I would wear it with this flowery lilac dress I have. It came with a thin brown belt but this green one would go WAY better with it! Ah, if I had the cash I'd buy it right now!


shoeless simone said...

The print on the skirt is amazing!!

I love this dress: http://www.etsy.com/listing/37081670/vintage-sequines-n-tulle-party-dress, I would love to wear it to a party with just a big bow in my hair and some killer shoes

-Shoeless Simone


Astrid said...


In winter with a long-sleeved brown shirt or white t-shirt, tights (brown, black, grey or navy) and my tall beige suede heeled boots.
In summer the white t-shirt, no tights and white flats :)


shannon said...

I would wear this dress with my antiqued brass rocking horse necklace, my brown, petite satchel/briefcase with the strap across my body, the swedish hasbeen lace up boot in green, blush lace tights,and my round tortoise shell sunglasses. I'd also wear two rings on my gray-painted fingers:my owl with red gem eyes and a silver beak on my ring-finger and a silver-rhinestoned starfish on my index finger. I'd wear a headband braid in my hair with rosy cheeks and lips. All this for a picnic and music in a flowered-filled garden.
<3 Shannon

Rachel said...


I would wear this with a loose red top. Short sleeves and maybe with a boatneck. Really killer heels and bare legs. Hair pulled back in a kind of low bun and a long necklace, or maybe a few layered necklaces.

Chat said...
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Abby said...


With some perfect gold heels and bombshell red lipstick - the perfect "I feel pretty" outfit for going somewhere special. Or just because.

abscratch @ gmail . com

sara said...


perfect for a day in the park! with a white tank and long cargidan

theleftbanke said...

I'd wear this with a pair of black cigarette jeans, black simple high heel and my hair down and wavy!

seesaw said...