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Unsurprisingly, I love this shot by Tim Walker from the March issue of Vogue Italia. That rose looks just like the ones that grow on the buses surrounding my parents' farm.

Spring might be the time I miss home the most (well besides summer!), since it's when all the little flowers and green leaves start to bloom, and each time you go outside it seems like you discover a new patch of activity. Not so much of that here in the city. Anyways, you can see the rest of the editorial right here.


Misanthropic Pulp said...

Love the shot, Tim Walker always surprises me...and I simply adore what she is wearing here, reminds me a bit of burlesque...


Sarah J said...

i know exactly what you mean. spring seems to bring with it infinite buckets of nostalgia. over here, all the curbsides and cracks in the concrete become filled with yellow dandelion flowers.

some people insisit on weeding them out, but i think they look perfectly lovely.

Lis-x- said...

These are a great collection of photo's by Tim Walker.
Spring time is the most exciting time for me: I can barely contain my excitemnt at this time, as I think of warm weather, bbq's and sunny nights. =)

Great blog!

Lis xXx

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MissKellie said...

That's such an interesting editorial, very creative! I hadn't seen it yet, so thanks for sharing! :D


Clare said...

Is she wearing Hermione De Paula too? I would be very impressed if so!

I adore Tim Walker's work, he's a genius.

I just posted some very dreamy images you might like over on my blog!



thousandflower said...

Definitely looks like a Rosa nutkana.

Love_Again said...

nice. i like this very much too.

Solo said...

He's great! Love the shot.

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Sarah Jane said...

Hello Siri!

I hope this doesn't sound pushy and i'm sure you're mega busy but i would love to see the photos from your trip if you get a chance!

I saw you at the East Brunswick club but you quickly slipped past so i didn't get the chance to say hey! It was so jam packed! But the Pains were fabulous!

All the best,

Sarah xoxo

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Sarah: I know, I know, but the pictures are coming, I promise!! I ended up sending them away to be developed to save money and they're taking they're sweeeeet time, >:(

Any day now though, honest! I'm glad you enjoyed the Pains, I really liked the East Brunswick Club, but maybe it was just because we got to eat for free and I got the warm chocolate brownies two nights in a row, hahaha. Sorry I was so elusive though, I would have loved to say hey! I think I was a little intimidated by how many people were there, but that's good news for the band ;n )

Jen said...

interesting but nice!

Sarah Jane said...

Excellent Thank you! I bet you're busting to see them too!

Wow free food and brownies! I very jealous! I have heard they do great food too! Best, Sarah xo