say that ten times faster


I have to admit, when I heard that the femme off-shoot of Fantastic Man was going to be called "The Gentlewoman", I was a bit skeptical. I mean...that's a bit of a mouthful, innit? But seeing the cover has swayed me no small amount. I for one LOVE the layout, the font, the colors, and I'm excited to read about Phoebe and Daisy and the whole gang.

Apparently it hits March 22nd, but as to just where it'll be available, your guess is as good as mine!


Clare said...

I have been waiting for this for what seems like ever! I love Fantastic Man so this is just heavenly...



javiera isidora said...

looks so good....with a vintage look love the contrast of the pinl and b&w.


sarah said...

oh the sweet, sweet typography. the layout is what i'd expect wes anderson's easter cards to look like.
i'll keep my eyes peeled!

viv said...

Yay! Ive been waiting for this for such a long time! And the cover is perfect. I hope and wish it reaches the distant shores of Helsinki.

sweeetheartfever said...

ohh, these people came by our office. they dropped off a ton of issues of Fantastic Man, and I think we're getting The Gentlewoman when it comes out.

I will grab it for you, if so.