sneek peek

The second installment of the Lou Doillon/Vanessa Bruno films, which goes live on Bruno's site tomorrow. I love it, and those hot pink pants!


Anonymous said...

So pretty - I love the music and the dancing at the start, made me smile! Such a lovely way to showcase the clothes, I'd love to do something similar for my jewellery, but I don't think badly made home movies would really sell it... lol

Thank you for sharing that!

Siobhan xx


Clare said...

I love this. It makes me want to dress up in beautiful clothes and stamp around in talcum powder. Slightly more fun than the last video which is always nice to see.

I hope the stills from the videos are made into a lookbook or put to good use in some way...

Clare x

Mari and Lani said...

i reallyyyy wish i knew that third song!