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i-D June/July 2002

1-D June/July 2002


I'm back in the big bad city tonight, but this editorial, another artifact from the dusty magazine archives, is like a little slice of grey, grungy home. Eight or so years later and I'm still in love.

(photos by Corinne Day for i-D Magazine June/July 2002)


Isabel said...

From the second I saw the first photo, I knew it was from i-D magazine but I had no idea the issue was so old! It looks so relevant today.

Kristen said...

I love the dark hues in these.

tara-lynn said...

thanks so much for sharing these, i'm such a huge fan of corrine day's work! she is such an under appreciated photographer.

Marylyn Davis said...

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Anonymous said...

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emily said...

thanks for digging this up, beautiful editorial, really timeless



javiera isidora said...

beautiful shoot, love the first one with bikes! and the last two, the color, composition and clothes, beautiful!


MissKellie said...

These pictures are just gorgeous! Thanks for posting them, I'm adding them to my inspiration file right now! :)


the maisies said...

this is beautiful, and looks like it could be in a current issue...

mareike said...

hello siri,
just thought you might be interested in something related i posted a couple of weeks ago in my blog:
an editorial shot by corinne day for i-D magazine.
it's called grunge couture and dates back to- get this-
january 1993.
yep, i guess i really am getting old.
check it out, it's beautiful!
and so different from today-
retouched i assume, but no photoshop back then....

Anonymous said...

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