il me plait



Truth be told, I don't like how I look in braids. Well really, I just don't like wearing my hair back at all. But I think braids themselves are so gorgeous, and I'm always envious of girls who look great in them, the big, messy, perfectly casual kind, like Caroline up there.


braided bangs

The closest I ever get is braiding my bangs every once in a while, but mostly just when I'm at home and they're bugging me. I look a little bit like a cockapoo when I finally take them down though.

(photos from altamiranyc, Model Mayhem, kristina424, and Turned Out, click for original sources)


Aphra said...

I think you'd look lovely with a lose plait around the head, you have a beautiful, graceful face for it (sorry for sounding freaky) I always wear it these days.. by the by I always love your blog and your writing stylex

kaitlin said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am growing my hair out just so I can put in the kind of braid where, since I'll have so much hair, won't make me feel like my face is being stretched back as I tug away trying to get a braid going, instead of just a motley twist (sounds cooler than it actually looks). Problem is that with curly thick hair like this instead of your lovely golden shaggy locks, on the good days it looks like Helena Bonham Carter when she has victorian hair, on the bad days, like Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd. This is where toques, wide-brimmed hats, and scarves become crucial. Oh...So...Crucial. :)

P.S.: The blonde braid at the second-to-last of your picture selections pretty much has me stunned in awe.

Aimée said...

Love the pictures.And you look really,really nice.
Have a good Sat.night

CoocooforCoco said...

I loovveee how braids look, but I also think I look really bad with them. My face is like really giant, so I can't afford to have it all showing like that. However, I love your fringe braid! It's totally adorable