Fake Christmas List, part I

This year, all I'm really asking for from my friends and family is a bit of money towards an end of school out-of-country experience, which would be a far greater gift than any of this silly stuff.

...But if I was making up a proper Christmas list, hoo boy, I definitely wouldn't have any trouble! And this is just part one...


stella stellaP158269_hero

Stella McCartney Perfume, in the 1 oz. purse spray size, right. I LOVE tiny things, and conveniently, tiny versions of things are often cheaper than not-tiny-things. Also, the smaller things are, the more of them you can collect and cram onto every available surface. That's not crazy, that's just practical!



The Biba Experience, so I can start plotting how to turn the interior of my next apartment into an exact replica of the Rainbow Room.

lace-top-6a lace-top-3a

I've crossed my fingers and toes fruitlessly for months now hoping this beautiful lace top by Hearts in My Eyes would go on sale over at Bona Drag. So impractical...and SO DAMN PRETTY.


Nars Body Glow. Maybe I'm being suckered in by all those glossy collages in the Vogue Escapes section, but I just wanna slip this into a straw bag along with a We Are Handsome one piece and jet off to Ipanema. Also I'm a fool for NARS' packaging. Anyways, it's another one of those purchases I could never really justify.


How is it possible that I still don't own an actual copy of this movie???? Enough said.

P.S. I'd love to know what's on your list, real or imaginary, this year!


calivintage said...

ha, i lasted all of a few days resisting the urge to make up christmas wishlists, but that teeny tiny perfume has got me thinking now.... what do i want?

Alek said...

In case you wanted to know, I own the lace crop top. It is fabulous. Just some useful information- Get the largest size. Also, the shoulders of this top kinda ride up (this has nothing to do with the sizing, I tried both the S and the L). So if you don't mind constant adjusting, it would be better to wait for a possible sale.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Thank you for the sizing tips, I was wondering how it ran since it warns that it runs small on the website. And the shoulders ride up? How funny, good to know! Gonna start crossing my eyes in addition to those fingers and toes...

Cindy said...

i have two lists this year, one full of practical well priced items and one filled with lv, hermes, chanel and rick owens, haha. thats def. not going to happen. i do think i'm going to get some shoes, maybe new keds or chucks, some new hunter boots to replace the ones i've destroyed. i'm getting a leopard print marc by marc laptop sleeve from my sis. and i bought myself a miu miu clutch off the net a porter sale.

oh and i love the purse spray idea, i know i'm getting perfume this year as one of my parents girfts but i don't know what kind or size. i'm hoping it's miss dior cherie...

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Oooh I really like Miss Dior Cherie, it's so fruity and sweet, in a good way. Haha, and yeah, this is definitely a more practical, well priced list...my "real" fake list is a whole 'nother story!

Luce said...

oooo an out-of-country-experience, where to?! sounds exciting.
I haven't even made a christmas list, cos family is scattered all over the globe for christmas this year. But we had an awesome mid-winter christmas (mid-winter is July in New Zealand) so i already got my presents! hahaha. Your list looks pretty great though, i've salivated over that biba book too, ah gahd so beautifulllll.

Marta Represa said...

I totally love your gift list... Especially the Stella perfume. I have been using that perfume faithfully since it came out and had bottles of all the sizes! My favourite is still the tiny one by far. I love the way you can take it everywhere with you.


Suzy said...

i'm so bad at asking for stuff! i Was thinking about going for a new record player, but then i won a sweet turntable through this online thing. so there goes the one thing i could think of.

i think it's awesome to be able to ask for specific things you want/NEEEEED for christmas/bdays, but i also love when there are people in your life who already know EXACTLY what to get you without asking.

anyway, where d'you wanna go?

corrie said...

love this little list.

i'm not really asking for anything this year, since it's been a tough year financially for everyone.

but if i was!

i'd want the polka dot fletcher by lyell shirt, scout holiday necklace, a hard drive to back up my photos (so scared my irritable laptop is going to bite the dust!), and the vena cava oracle dress. not that i'd ever ask anyone to buy me a $500 dress with a straight face, but if santa had an extra one lying around i'd be happy to take it.

jessica said...

Great Christmas list! there's a yellow coat on modcloth.com that would definitely be on my list!

Anna Marie said...

dang, i could probably just cut and paste this for my list! and i'd probably buy the stella perfume just to have the bottle, so beautiful.

esme and the lane way said...

I love the Stella perfume, it's what I wear :) And this post makes me regret not getting a peach lace jackety top from an op shop on sunday, which I turned down for being impractical... but it was so pretty!

And I wouldn't mind a vintage-and-pretty-and-still-works-fine sewing machine!

Katie said...

I have to tell you that your blog is probably my favourite blog. Not necessarily this post, although not a bad post to be sure. Maybe you have noticed that I comment a bit? I don't do that for anyone else. Love.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

In regards to the potential trip, I'm actually scared to talk about it too much for fear I'll jinx the whole thing! But suffice to say (for now) that I would be traveling to three of the top five places I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember...and that it would be a VEEERY long flight from NYC...and it might involve crossing an equator mid-vacation. Hahaha, sorry to make you play "Where is Siri San Diego"!

Your lists all sound pretty darn good! I know, it's been a rough year financially for everyone, and a lot of my family members are requesting either a "low key" Christmas, or that I just not get them anything at all. Which, don't get me wrong, I TOTALLY respect...but dudes, buying Christmas presents is my favorite thing ever, second only to wrapping Christmas presents!

And Katie, thank you so much!! You are too, too kind :n D

angela said...

have you tried the chloe perfume? it's magnificent. unless you don't like the smell of roses, than don't go anywhere near it!

i have my eye on the mbmj petal to the metal sasha bag. the metal birds on it are just so whimsical! a girl can dream right?

planning on getting myself the elfering motorcycle boots from aldo.

although the one thing i am asking for has already come true. i get to spend the holidays with my boy :)

and i never know what to ask for. but i am also a big lover of buying gifts. and everyone always laughs at me when i tell them i love wrapping gifts!!

Rachel said...

my list would include a really sexy yet comfortable and kind of badass pair of heels, definitely perfume (but I'm not sure what kind), an awesome possibly colorful wool coat, a couple antique cameras (right now I'm really into old argus cameras), and probably a million other things. but that's what's on my mind right now!