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pretty bag



Maybe it's because, what with the time change, it gets dark so early now. Maybe it's because I keep accidentally dressing in what appears to be all black (that's what happens when your only warm jacket is a big black peacoat, and you're too lazy to figure out which colorful pair of tights doesn't clash with your outfit...ahhhhhh tights how I hate'choo!!!) Maybe it's that I'm itching to take a trip to the oppostie hemisphere.

Actually, it's all those things--and more--that have me wishing it could be Spring again already.

(photos from Marie Claire Brasil found here)


somedaynewyorker said...

That lilac camera is so adorable.

Marta Represa said...

I love the clothes in the first pic.

RaspberryKitsch said...

aww those colours are gorgeous, like something straight out of a sofia coppola film! xx


thousandflower said...

I love the hat.

anne said...

with all those pretty colors i can see why you feel that way :)

Harriet said...

Oh these are beautiful, can it be summer again please?

Rachel S said...

Hey, what's with the straw boaters? I remember the last Lula had that whole article on how boaters should soon be atop the head of every ingenue in the know and so far, I've only seen them in fashion spreads and not atop any ladies I know (or even on street style sites very much). What's the deal? I mean, I live in Sacramento, which isn't as aesthetically atrophied as you might think, but is very much in the middle of some kind of "90s California neon/esoteric symbol gecko yin yang" thing-- in other words, not conducive to turn of the century hats. Is NYC just overrun with them? I NEED TO KNOW.