Hooray Oscar season!!

Ah Tom Ford...is there anything he can't do?? Seriously though, I am extremely excited to see this movie, the designer's directorial debut, when it comes out here in December.

Actually, it opens on the same day as another film I am really looking forward too, My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done?, directed by Werner Herzog. I didn't know much about Herzog until I read Herzog on Herzog for school this spring, and ever since I've been in complete awe of the man's sheer will power and determination when it comes to film making. All I really know about Ford is that he's generally very tan and well oiled, headed Gucci for ten years and knows how to tailor a damn sharp suit. This one's gonna be a looker, I can tell you that much!


monica burnett said...

i didn't know he was directing a movie!
it looks so intense.


pia said...

i can't wait to see both of these! herzog + lynch = amazing haha. plus chloe is in it!

Stephanie Vu said...

yes, all the above! and i must see about this herzog on herzog...love that guy.

Isabel said...

Ooh, this looks excellent! The only thing I ever watched by Herzog was Grizzly Man, which I can't say I liked that much.

anne said...

looks pretty promising! i love colin firth and julianne moore- she's lookin' pretty awesome in that trailor. i'm diggin' her big hair.

Suzy said...

so many things:

a. i thought this was a sort of faux-film fashion campaign when i saw people standing in front of the film posters. because tom is a very tan, well-oiled man, and i generally underestimate.

b. the amount of 'oscar buzz' in this trailer was worthy of a short parody film, but i'm still excited to see it.

c. michael shannon knocked my dang socks off in revolutionary road and i expect no less under herzog's direction

d. you wouldn't want to be my friend if you knew of my experiences with lynch.

e. got to get that herzog book.

discothequechic said...

Beeyond excited about A Single Man. I've been waiting for it to come out for so long! Think Ford teamed up with Mad Men's cinematographer? Which is no surprise considering the most gorgeous overall appearance. And I have such a big girl crush on Julianna Moore, I think she's so fantastic.

Also one to look out for is A Serious Man (let the title confusion between these two commence..) the new one by the Coen Brothers. Equally fantastic trailer, they're both perfect examples of exactly what a trailer should be; tantalising and not giving a full bloody outline of the plot like others do.

CoocooforCoco said...

I'm so pumped up that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are co-hosting the Oscars this year! Two of the hottest older men together at last!