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elsa in Crash

elsa in Crash


elsa in Crash

elsa in Crash

elsa in Crash

elsa in Crash

So, I know it's the middle of November and all, but try as I might I can't seem to get Spring off my mind. My brain's a big mess of light, soft fabrics--khakis and olives and blues and creams, with touches of braided leather and flat sandals...ok, so I guess maybe I just have Chloé to blame?? But anyways, maybe that's why, when I see an editorial like this one, which is purportedly meant to be, quote, "a view on Kenzo fall winter collection" all I can think is ooooh, Spring! Florals! Bunnies and babychicks!! Hooray!!!!!

Or maybe it's that I just got done planting a dozen daffodil bulbs in our back yard? By the time those things come up I'll probably be all excited for Fall again. Actually, no, I doubt it. You can see the rest of this lovely editorial, featuring Elsa Sylvan, which I found on Fashion Gone Rogue, right here.

(all photos by Alexandra Catiere for Crash Magazine)


Little Monarch said...

the coat in the first image is making my mouth water

anne said...

i love how gypsy-ish she looks! what awesome photos! i love that drawing also, it's amazing.

sarah said...

awesome post, love the selection - jealous ;)

come visit!


CoocooforCoco said...

I agree, that coat is really doing it for me

Alisha H. said...

really rich & gorgeous photos. love these.