I honestly couldn't tell if it was night or day when I woke up this morning, the sky was so dark and ominous. Rain is nice when you can sit inside by a big window and watch it fall on other people...but when you have to shiver on a Q platform waiting for the train to school, eeeeeh, not so much.

(photos from Yvan Rodic, Gala Gonzalez, lauren schmauren, Hannah Metz, and Vogue Paris June 2009)


jessica said...

those are such cool photos! i really like the ones in the middle of the girl by a window! i totally hear you about the rain, too! it's so nice... but only if you're inside!

angela said...

is that a oversized cloud sweater? AWESOME! & don't i know about the rain. oh we are good friends, too good if you ask me. the joys of living in vancouver....we actually got to see the sun for the first time in a loooong time today.

ali said...

oh yeah, the fogged up windows photos is perfect

take care

Anna Marie said...

ha that cloud sweater should be called "the seattle sweater", gotta love it.