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Frankie Magazine is on a short(ish) list of foreign magazines that I reeeeaaally wish I could afford to subscribe to. In fact, the only time I've ever actually held a copy in my hands was back a few months ago when Hannah took pity on me and sent along a back issue along with the ever illusive RUSSH.

So, I'll definitely be adding their brand new Photo Annual to my Christmas wishlist. I can only imagine the gentle goodness that awaits in those pages. Below are some shots from a great old Frankie editorial I dug up a little while ago.






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hannahlizabeth said...

frankie and russh are two of my favourite magazines! russh is lush.


Astrid said...

I love frankie! You're right to want a subscription :) So there's no where you can even get back issues in NY?
It's pretty easy to get (some) imported mags here but I guess the export side of things is not so good :(

mardijane said...

i LOVE australian fashion magazines :) they're so good!! frankie is def one of the best, my newsagency orders it in for me especially, even though there are only 200 people living in my town and they wouldn't even know who vivienne westwood is. FRANKIE KEEPS ME SANE!!


Antonio Barros said...

Russh is great!!!


Isabel said...

Why are Aussie mags so damn covetable!

Tea For Two said...

Really inspiring pictures. That model is making me want a fringe again!

I miss buying magazines. *sigh* Can't wait to have a job again. I'm going to go bankrupt from buying magazines!

calivintage said...

i feel your pain. i was just looking into magazine subscriptions and frankie was on the list, until i saw the price! oh why so expensive??

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Oh I knooow, it's the same with RUSSH. I guess you have to factor shipping into it...but even so, it seems outrageous! I'll actually save money (but not frustration, clearly) paying newsstand price for that one...

Rebek said...

I love love frankie, and have a digital subscription. Go here for more info: http://www.zinio.com/browse/publications/index.jsp?productId=500213660. It's not the same as reading a hard copy, but at least I get my frankie fix!

littlemolly said...

she has great hair!!! xxx

Georgia said...

I love frankie! As well as Russh.
That girl is my friend's cousin!

Anonymous said...

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