waxing polychromatic






Wowsa, can you imagine Marie Claire USA ever printing something this gorgeous??

The colors in that first photo are so perfect they very nearly bring a tear to my eye. Certain color combinations just really get me going, you know? I can never seem to get very excited about all these all-black ensembles. Granted, I understand the idea that a lack of color differentiation can mean a greater focus on shape and cut, but...the most astounding garment architecture in the world could never reproduce in me the simple joy brought on by salmon pink, orange red, lavendar and camel in chorus, captured in a single moment.

(Photos by
David Bellemére for Marie Claire Italia)


anja louise said...

I love these! You're right too, it's hard to believe that's from an American mag! The one of the girl who is bending forwards is my favorite.

hannahlizabeth said...

loooove it, gorgeous colours and lighting - looks amazing with the drapey clothing.


Astrid said...

Oh man, this is beautiful. I totally agree with you on the colour combos vs black cuts. When told to wear black for any reason I always struggle. And I really liked your print mixing the other day too btw :D

sandra said...

heyyy, is that you on the front page of latfh.com? lol

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Nah, but it would be a great honor!

KLEE said...

this is gorgeous!


the spectator said...

The first pic with the the sort of light tan pants and lavenderish colored shirt - beautiful color combo.

Frances Baker said...

I'm totally with you, colour all the way!

ana b. said...

OOooOoooOooo the lace dress against the window is so stunning. And I love me some gorgeous colourful Dries. Marie Claire Italia?! Big ups.

IDYLLE said...

Sophie is so beautiful!
your blog is lovely :)