Turned Out turns up



I got mighty excited when I came across these photos by Tommy Ton of my friend Maya Villiger (in the trousers), arm in arm with the amazing Hanneli Mustaparta. Maya takes the most amazing street style photos, but nobody ever gets to see how adorable she is in real life!


Oh and she was Facehunt-ed too! Thanks for the tip-off Seraphina :n )

(Photos from Jak&Jil, Style.com and thefacehunter)


emmaline said...

i know! i love her site. i think she's posted one picture of herself- and she's darling and should post more. g for girlcrush. siigh.

KLEE said...

they both look great!


melly said...

I've been wondering for sometime now how she looks in real life! She has amazing style, no doubt about that!!!

seraphina said...

Ah, she on the most recent facehunter posting
here as well!