little doll


Oh, Irina. Way to be the cutest lil' thing ever. To be fair, no one should look this good in a bowl cut--but I'll allow it cuz I'm so glad you're back!

(photo from RUSSHBlog)


Hippie Frou Frou said...

such a great look, the dress is so playful. bet it'd be fun to dance in!

jess s//

Isabel said...

Irina! I'm so glad she still exists, she was definitely one of my favourite models a few years back and I've missed her so.

KLEE said...

she's so adorable!


Anonymous said...

oh i love her hair, she looks gorgeous!!

Heart in a cage said...

ah, she shouldn't have cut her hair:( but I'm glad she's back! she used to be one of my favourite models.

pink horrorshow said...

I met her on Thursday when she came to the Phillip Lim store. She seemed so much shorter than I expected even WITH those heels!