Yesterday I spent moping around my room, sleeping, unpacking, rehashing the last four or so weeks, categorizing memories and regrets, drowning my sorrows in Honey BBQ Flavor Twists, warm orange juice and Steve Martin.

Hopefully today I will get off my sorry ass and start enjoying summer again. Apparently it's not actually over, did you hear? News to me!

(Photos from Vogue Australia found here)


keira antoia rose said...

Her nose ring is so beautiful, I definitely want my nose peirced right now.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Anonymous said...

i love that stripped gladiator esque dress

Isabel said...

Abbey Lee is such a good model. I first saw her in an i-D spread, it was love at first sight.

sarah said...

summertime is fleeting, you have to enjoy it while you can. reading on the roof is my fave, steve martin's born standing up is at the top of my list ;)

Suzy said...

aw, sweets. i am sorely missing summers in the city right now, but am making the best of it by palling around with these small town antique store owners and HOLY SHIT discovering vintage clothing collections that make me feel like i'm either dreaming or at a paris flea market.

anyway, go picnic on your roof or go to another sonic youth party and get over it, ya jerk ;n)

Dot said...

Aww I sort of feel the same way, I got home from travelling last week and even though I love love love my city/being home, right now I just want to hang out in the mountains/some other European city than the one I live in with my boyfriend.

calivintage said...

summer has only just begun! as a matter of fact, your day sounds pretty swell minus the moping part. hehe! you'll get back into the swing of things! ;)

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

abby lee is a goddess! i love this photoshoot

Anonymous said...

oh i love this. so damn pretty.

E-BAD said...

Awww, I was at a CT country estate for the past few days and its AMAZING how quiet, cool, breezy, bug free, sweat free, and bathing suit ready the world outside of NYC is. Although... I prefaced this with "Connecticut country estate." Probably has something to do with it too. Chin up!