très belle

Charles Anastase is a beautiful man with a beautiful studio and a beautiful creative consultant. And he loves Schiele, guess I should have known!

(Photos from PIG Magazine found here)


pink horrorshow said...

Who is that girl in the photos? I always see her in magazines and whatnot but forget her name.

Can't go wrong with Schiele!

Outi said...

How lovely do they look!

Schiele is so intriguing, I find his work inspirational on many levels -- not only visually, but I feel there is so much one can speculate on the ideas of womanhood, sexuality, physicality, to begin with, looking at his paintings.

Closet Cupcake said...

pink horrorshow: that is Valentine Fillol Cordier

Isabel said...

Not to mention he's wearing a beautiful sweater.

Madelene said...

If I could have any designer in the world sponsor me with clothes, or at least donate a dress for me (a girl can dream, right..), Charles would be leading my wishlist.

Love him. Love Schiele too.

joy said...

I too have seen the Behind the scenes of Pig Magazine, i was taken aback by how perfect everything was.