so happy I could puke

(full screen! full screen!)

There is so so so much to love about this video I don't even know where to start. Best band. Best song. SUPER fucking 8!!! I just saw this for the first time about half an hour ago and I have since run the gamut of emotions from extreme elation to the brink of tears to a little bit of nausea and then back again. And now they're on the cover of FADER.

So stoked.

Can't think.

Must watch video again!!


eima said...

omg, u are right, this ia soooo fucking awesome °____°!

but, but, but... I am just a little girl from germany and have now idea how this song is called, and its not that easy to find something about them...
could u please give me some more information? Maybe how the album is called, if they have one? ...i cant finde anything on youtube, cause if you just search for girls....u find maaaany different things, but nothing about the band...

thanks & love

Nihilist Loves Hate, Hates Everything said...

band= "Girls"
song= "Lust for Life"
album= "Album" (seriously)

try adding the search term "San Francisco" when looking them up.

Mik said...

love love loved this! thank you for introducing them to me!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Thanks Benny! Also, eima, try their myspace:


Their album is due out in September I believe.

Also a couple more videos:



Hope this helps! :n )

L.C. Mason said...

this video is fucking great. I'm a writer for the SF Bay Guardian and we're giving them the cover of the Sept. 9th issue. I'm gonna interview them as soon as they get from tour in late August and write the article and I'm so excited! This band's got it. Have you read the Guardian UK article on them?

Diane said...

I loved this very very much.


That sentence works on so many levels.

Suzy said...

baaaahhhh! that girl's bong is her guitar!!!

my friends in chicago are finally starting to know who GIRLS are without my persistent 'ohmygodohmygodyouguys' so they must be doing alright for themselves. i just can't believe their album is STILL not out.

the thing i really love about this video, aside from the opening guitar charging, is that everyone in it looks so fucking lonely whether or not they're smiling or sitting right next to somebody. and it's pretty universal for dudes of our age and drug influence. i've imagined my own friends in a sequence not unlike this before. it's more beautiful than wes bentley's plastic fucking bag, man.

E.K. said...

That bass line is really awesome. It adds a whole new level to the song. I couldn't imagine it without!

In Clover Vintage said...

Loooooove! They are really super fine!

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