dans mon jardin






These pictures make me wish more than ever that I lived someplace where I could have a little garden of my own. I tried to start one on our roof this Spring but a pack of rotten squirrels decimated it. They even tore up things that I never thought squirrels would eat, like basil and mint. Bastards.

Also, a side benefit of having a garden is that it gives you a pretty decent excuse to wear wellies with a bathing suit.

(Photos from Madame Figaro found here)


grace said...

these pictures are great!

i hate when squirrels get into my garden! i heard you can keep rodents away from your garden by mixing little bit of cayenne pepper powder in a spray bottle and spraying down your plants. it won't hurt the plants or affect their growth or taste, but the hotness will be enough to deter rodents away from your harvest. don't know if it really works, but a garden on your rooftop sounds amazing and fun.

Outi said...

I have been dreaming of a peony garden for the past two days...
And I agree on the outfit bonus. I'd wear an AA jumpsuit with Finnish rubber boots.

pepper said...

wonderful photos, she reminds me of Jane Birkin.

Madelene said...

I guess she is inspired by Jane, and how beautiful!