Fair but not Square

So I go away for a couple weeks to some distant island paradise, and what sort of a stunt do my housemates pull in retribution??








They go and throw a killer rooftop BBQ!! But I'm not bitter...(Royal Canadian Air Farce jokes, anyone? Eh??)

(All photos stolen from Cass)


Suzy said...

those fuckers.

that first gal is adorbs, though, ya gotta admit. she's making me want to go scavenge all those fabric scraps i tied in my hair last fall and give 'em a round two. that fucker.

Jodes said...

ah adorable photos!
i think this means they just have to give it a round 2 now that you're home...

Alisha! said...

We can throw like, a dozen more.

Are you back yet??

Summer said...

Oh seems to be cool! =D That's great! Have a good day. And more post here. =D

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The Brown Mestizo

Pretty Pirate said...

Well, now you have to MAKE them have many more to celebrate you coming home. Don't worry they are all just jealous they weren't joining you in one of the most beautiful places on earth, for real!!!

Isabel said...

I used to watch Air Farce as a kid - their New years Special with the Chicken Cannon was the best! Sadly, that show is really not funny anymore.

sarah said...

all of your friends are wildly attractive and well-dressed. those pics make me sad I wasn't there myself..

The Lion & The Teacup said...

Ahh what fun.

Cassandra said...

duddde! this BBQ was not complete without you, as i think we are the original roof-toppers. (bread+wine&salad of summer '08?) come back soon!