Viva Atlanta



Example #5,537 of why I wish I could read French!

(Photos from Vogue Paris found here)


AFitz said...

ask nicely and i'll translate

Cindy said...

ahhhhh!!!!!!! i love her. her mom is the coolest photographer and super sweet. i posted a bunch of her stuff on my blog and she actually contacted me to say thank you and answered questions i had about her work. so down to earth. atlanta is actually the subject of my fav. photograph of hers with her baby half sister. i hope you don't mind me reposting these on my blog. i'll credit you.

Isabel said...

Your caption says it all perfectly. I was going to mention how I wished i could read that too!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Ah AFitz you are too kind! But I wouldn't subject you to such toil ;n )

Cindy, that's super cool! I don't mind at all if you repost them, though you should probably just credit the fashion spot poster, I just nabbed 'em from there after all :n )