It tickled me down to my toes

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Too bad I can't trust myself to wear all white (or...any white) without getting tacos/icecream/pizza/various filth on my front (or...god knows where else), because it looks so pretty and fresh in the sunshine. And on that note:

Dear New York Weather,

Please stop being such a butt-wipe.


(Photos by Thomas Nutzl, found here)


Little Monarch said...

that skirt in the last image is f-ing great! I want it. looks so good in contrast with the cactus spikes. ouch!

joy said...

the photography is splendid. I feel the same as you. The dresses look so delicate and fragile I wouldn't want to get any dirt on them.

Lea said...

oh I don't know about that, the sun just came out. and it was pretty great friday once it stopped raining

and I feel you, I realized the other day that I don't own like any white. And then, I realized I probably shouldn't buy any.

Hadley said...

Hahaha, I'm exactly the same about white. I don't think I actually have one piece of clothing other than my bum-around I<3NY tshirt that is more than 50% white. It's too traumatic, keeping it clean. But these are gooorrrrrgeous dresses and looks!

Anonymous said...

oo i wish white didn't make me look so washed out this white is gorgeous

Anonymous said...

The clothes are nice, but the model looks like a thumb in a wig.

Julia said...

Love the editorial! The skirt in the last pic is gorgeous. And I totaly feel the same way about white clothes...I love them but don't trust myself to wear them!!


Astrid said...

I wish I could even think about wearing any dress in the sunshine. I'd rather have half-arsed summer than be breathing mist all bundled up down here in the southern hemisphere.

Isabel said...

Oh man, that girl in the second pic looks like she's getting tickled too - or something like that.