The Prodigal Babe




Tomorrow night, the original Coolest Girl in the World, aka Dagmar Van Osen, aka my bffff returns from three months of living a rough-and-tumble lifestyle in the wilds of Costa Rica.

Expect my joy levels to rise, and post volume to fall proportionately...but only for a couple of days, alas, then fly away she must. Stick with me pals!


E.K. said...

So what's the plan? Do you have a list of things to do?

thousandflower said...

Tell her we're looking forward to seeing her on this side of the country and hearing about her adventures.

Kay said...

The hair is amazing!

E-BAD said...

dogma! It is sooooo hard to make a good beehive, kudos

Suzy said...

I feel your joy and impending pain! My own super besty is coming tonight but only until wednesday then back to Arizona. I'm almost already sad because I know it'll be like a minute before she's gone again!

sarah said...

thats a cool name, and i'm sure shes an even cooler girl. hope you to had a wonderful time!!
xo s

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haha I love that hair, It's like mine on mornings haha specially when I get drunk :P and she's cute hoh
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