For every several times I walk away from Beacon's Closet shaking my head in sadness, wondering why I waste my (precious) time in that place, there comes a day when I actually do quite well for myself. Well enough, anyways, to guarantee that I'll come crawling back. Witness:

A new bag for school, to which I must return with heavy heart next Tuesday, which is a B-U-M-M-E-R, but at least I got a cool bag out of it ("I graduated with a degree in Film Studies and all I got was this sweet bag...which I'll probably have to sell since this degree is useless"). It's just about perfect, and the strap is detachable so it can be either a practical messenger back or a classy doctor's bag, perfect for my ~*multi-faceted*~ lifestyle. I had to shove some girls trying on hats out of the way to grab it up (look ladies some of us aren't just here on a joyride, ok?)

I've been looking for little shoes like these for sooo long. These have semi-annoying teensy-weensy heels (don't YOU DARE call them kitten heels, oh bane of my existence, you defile the good name cute fluffy baby cats everywhere with your complete, utter retardedness) but they will be nice in the spring time for trotting around.

In other news, here is a corner of my room that I am especially fond of looking at. I found the shelf on the street and quickly piled it high with crap, such as: my new, beautiful Roost teapot, a complete and utter late-Christmas surprise; an old totem pole piggy bank that was collecting dust in my room back home; and the piece de resistance, my vintage YSL faux-cheetah ponyskin shoe booties which do not, and will never, fit me but which I will take with me TO THE GRAVE.

In conclusion, I got paid to hang out with the world's cutest dog today. I can't decide if I walked him or he walked me, cuz I'm BEAT. Nap time!


keira antoia rose said...

Ahh what an adorable dog! He's so little! What a great bag.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Suzy said...

Ah oui, I love cultivating one nice corner of my room to look at and think "this place isn't so messy.."

I also feel like a grandma when I put up a shelf for the sole purpose of arranging knick-knacks upont. (Upont is not a word unless you're a fan of the mighty boosh and I apologize for my blatant lack of knowing that about you and still utilizing said word.)

HoneyBunny said...

the bag is really nice! and the dog is a cutie:D

Lydia said...

The bag and shoes are so lovely. It always nice to make a good haul every once in a while, makes thrifting seem worth it, right?

Tali said...

Omg I feel the same walking in there. you always leave feeling like "well that was a huge waste of time" but then the one item makes up for you coming back again and again. Ha!!
And i just can't stand the hat area. its horribly in the way of getting to the more promising bag area.
A real amazing find!!! Great bag!!

Anonymous said...

those shoes and bag are very nice
and that dog is truly adorable!

July Stars said...

What kind of dog is this? So cute and fluffy!
The bag is in the same vein as the PS1 and YSL satchel. Love it!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Suzy, one of these days I will take some photos of my REAL knick-knack shelf. It looks like a thrift store threw up on it. Actually, these days my whole room is beginning to look more and more like the inside of a junk shop...

July, Oliver is a Pomeranian. He's a great little dude all right!