If wishes were fishes I'd be married to the sea

Everyone knows that things are tight this year--I mean cripes, we're constantly reminded of it no matter which way we turn. Still, I'm used to things being tight, and I've never let it stand in the way of one of my favorite activities: buying Christmas presents!

I love the whole process: the planning, writing out little secret lists and checking them off one by one, the excitement you feel when you find that perfect thing, the one that's a bit of a surprise but you just know they'll love, and the wrapping, oh the wrapping!

Anyways, I'd love to make a post about what I'm giving, but that would be something of a killjoy for a few too many Banana followers (Hi Mom! Hi Cassie! Hi Alex!) So instead, here's a few things on my own list this year:

Camera Tee from Delia's.

Roost teapot.

Stella McCartney perfume.

Bottle Rocket Criterion Collection dvd (I love this cover, I want a poster of it!)

Los Alamos by William Eggleston, though I might just have to settle for a trip to The Whitney (if you can call that settling...)

The Biba Experience

Some skinny tan cords (that feel very A.P.C. to me. I'd like to feel me some real A.P.C., but c'est la vie!)

Shoes that will make me feel sassy but will not make me fall down.

And the moon in my room!

So tell me, what's on your list (to give OR get)?


Sally Jane said...

Me too, Iguana!

AFitz said...


I am totally making Wes Anderson inspired Christmas cards for people, they're pictured on my blog (not that I'm shamelessly plugging it or anything, but, well...)

Ringo, have a banana! said...

AFitz, that's a damn fine idea! One year I became absolutely obsessed with finding the shade of pink wrapping paper that Dirk uses when he gives Max the Swiss Army knife, as well as plaid ribbon similar to the scotch tape end on the wrapper, but it was, alas, to no avail. But some Christmas, I swear, I make the dream a reality!

Anonymous said...

ooo cute teapot

Josefina said...

The Whitney Exhibit is AMAZING. it's basically his whole career's work and it totally rules, you should definitely go see it.

Anonymous said...

oooh i love the camera tshirt!

sarah/sherbet tone said...

This is a very fine list. I am covering that Eggleston book myself.

Anonymous said...

Those pants are so cheaply made, mine ripped in about 3-4 weeks of wearing them.

Hippy Chic said...

The JC shoes are so fabulous! I too want them!!

Rachel S said...

I want a pair of doc marten's (come on, since I was 11!) and a chunky j crew sweater. I also want Rosetta Stone Portuguese, but knowing the high price tag, I can't imagine any of my relatives would actually buy it for me.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Anonymous--damn, that blows! I've wanted a nice pair of skinny cords for ages now! Stupid Urban brand stuff, I guess we should all probably know better by now but they always trick us.

Rachel--ok, I'll admit it, I want Docs too BUT I want to the stupid pastel flowery ones that the Cherry Blossom Girl and Aya Kanai have. Because I am a sucker. And god I want, like everything from J.Crew, always and foreverrrrr.

KATLIN said...

My mom wears that Stella perfume and I think she smells better than me! Haha.

Isabel said...

That teapot is simply adorable!

L.P. said...

yes, Bottle Rocket is on my list as well! I just love Owen in his yellow jumpsuit and the criterion collection is da bomb

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