Today was crazy hot yet again, the kind of day when you just want to lay nekkid in front of your Air Conditioner (or in my case, a $13 Hawaiian Breeze fan from Target). But alas, even this unemployed student had duties to attend to, necessitating clothing and semi-coherent thought. Boo, I say.

P.S. Sorry you have to look at all this strange crap behind me, I'll get this corner cleared one of these days when it isn't so, well, you know...


Lydia said...

i love the shorts.
are they yet another thrift?

E-bad said...


poor man's ringo? I don't know.

Kennedy said...

how do i get perfect waves? lets trade long hair tricks

mary said...

This post and the picture from the last post are so fantastic. You look grea and I`m envious of your hair! Strawberry blonde is so attractive and long an wavy, ugh jealous.

And I love the dark denim shorts. I cannot find them ANYWHERE..

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Kennedy, I wish I had tricks to tell you, I do! But the truth is, I do pretty much nothing. Sometimes I wake up with great waves, sometimes not so much. I do use that John Frieda Ocean Waves spray, but it's been discontinued and I had to pay ridiculous amounts for it on eBay...so unless you're ready for that level of crazy, I'm afraid I'll be no help! And the shorts are indeed made from a thrifted pair of Levi's, though they were brand-new Levi's (two years ago anyways). I can never find new shorts that fit my liking, they are always over-embellished or too short, so all the shorts I own have either been made from pants or altered quite a bit from their original state. Best of luck with the shorts hunt!

xo, tara said...

before i even finished reading this whole post, i was totes gonna say i LOVE the random assorted array of things around you! sooo quirky and well, siri-like. (And i mean that in only the best way possible.)

And i hate you for looking insanely better in shorts than i ever do. No, i love you.

Knight Cat said...

hello! you have amazing style. I love your hair tooxx
wantt to trade links??


Ringo, have a banana! said...

tara, I might look good in shorts, but you kill it in cowboy boots!

and knight cat, you are linked dear :n )

little parisienne said...

i think, these shorts do have the perfect fit! looks great on you!

Anonymous said...