BUST, part deux

Here's the second article I have in the current issue of BUST. Not exactly my area of expertise, (thankfully, knock on wood, etc...) but I think it's a pretty cool system, and INSPOT is doing some awesome work. Also, I just realized it is on page 111, and made a wish!


spiffae said...

I thought that e-cards were bad before. This is a whole new frontier of bad.

AFitz said...

woah woah. Are you the same Siri that was featured in the issue of bust with eve on the cover? In the blue dress?

I read your blog occasionally but had NO IDEA that was you. So this might sound creepy, but...i kinda painted you (the picture in bust was just really pretty! and i usually paint pictures of models/fashionshoots from magazines)

Anyway, you have an inspirational style (and wicked taste in movies...H&M/Rushmore ftw), I love how you're writing for Bust now (you're also the person who led me to Only Shallow then!).

Keep up the good work <3

Inez said...

Yay, Bust! You should be super proud, that magazine is TOP SHELF. :D

Ringo, have a banana! said...

afitz, that is insanely flattering, seriously, thank you! That was indeed me in BUST, they found my blog and invited me to be in the magazine and that, as they say, was the beginning of a beyooootiful relationship. I peeped at your profile/blog, and you have effing amazing taste. AMAZING. And freelance for The Fashion Spot? Way to be! :n )

And inez I am, oh I am!

Tara Diane said...

About STDs or not (haha) that's still really really awesome, congrats!