I've got legs!

But do I remember how to use them?

Today was the first day in a solid several months that I left the house without something on my legs. I felt so naked!


soph n terr said...

It's warmer in New York than in California?! maybe i'm a wimpy weather person, but i had to wear tights here today. saaad i want spring so badly, but my closet is not prepared. very cute as per usual :)

Ringo, have a banana! said...

No no, don't worry. I wish! But it was in the 40's today which felt down right tropical, aaaaargh. I can't say I was comfortable.

jeunedemoiselle said...

I wish I could do the same! I can't wait for spring to come!
I don't especially like to ask that but I linked you on my blog and if you like my blog, I was wondering if you could link me. Don't feel obliged!

Lea. said...

I'm no more accustomed to see naked legs. wish weather here in germany will soon be good enough to show our skin!

Eleh said...

im liking the cardigan!
i wish my country had winter though.

p/s. you look great with the glasses on.

Isa said...

lucky you! I felt the first glimpse of spring today but it was only warm enough to say `it won´t be long until we won´t need a jacket´. right cliché.
can´t wait to bear my legs but I guess I will have to do some self-tanning before, alas.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Being on the wrong(!) side of the world, we're heading into autumn and I'm hanging on to my bare legs as long as I possibly can ... but I see tights in my near future.

What a cool blog - I've really enjoyed reading through your posts. Thanks!


Natasha said...

I am terribly jealous...I kind of forget what my legs look like.