Ask and you shall receive!

Saturday was a most fortuitous day. Outside of making a cool $40, I scored this sweet, sweet cordurouy vest at Buffalo Exchange. It wasn't until I got home that I discovered it to be fully reversible (and to a plaid flannel, no less). That's like two slammin' vests for the price of one!


Samantha said...

I read your blog all the time but I'm usualy a little shy about comments, however that plaid waistcoat is really to good not too, it's brilliant. (the red is really lovely too, as their one item i feel bad not giving it a little love) x

Alix said...

both sides of it look great !

And I love your new shoes

LCL said...

Sweet vest. Reversibleness is really lacking in today's clothes. I mean, two fab things for the price of one, how can you go wrong?

Sara said...

so amazing! you look gorgeous as always.

camille said...

adorable! what a great find.

sarah/sherbet tone said...

I'm glad your vest-hunt has come to a fruitful end. This one is particularly amazing - you mix AA with vintage best than enyone else.

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