I am a Fever

Monday night I went out! This was kind of a big deal for me, because, outside of school/work/bare necessities, I really don't leave my house all that often (except to go shoe shopping, but that clearly falls under the bare necessities category). However, lured by the promise of an open bar and an art installation provided by none other than K-Y Jelly (?! maybe it's just the 4th grade boy in me), I proceed forth into the night.

Of course, the new shoes were there for support, as well as my last-minute-improvised sparkly headband. Later on, this would inspire one especially animated young dude to holler "Arden Wohl!" and gesture wildly at my head. Hey man, she didn't invent the damn things! Anyways, Nylon was kind enough to snap a photo for me:

We got elbowed out of our sweet balcony spot by Dani Stahl, the Kills played a killer (ha!) set, we scooped up as much free lube as the eye could see, and headed for the hills.


the childcatcher said...

i love the dress!
whose it by?
and the headband is lovely :)

Mardou Fox said...

I like your hairstyle :)

Iris said...

Oh My god! You are so beautiful! Your hair is wonderful! How do you do it? Your style is so impeccable. I love your blog.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

The dress is vintage, it was really long and huge so I sewed it REALLY short, heh.

Thank you all :n )

Blaize said...

Too bad you cannot sculpt shoes out of KY Jelly. Because if you could? You would be SET!

I like your festive headgear. I believe in sparkly things.