Ringo has entered the building

It's been a long time, now I'm...back and badder than ever! Ok ok, I wont flatter myself.

My vacation was really lovely. My only complaint is that it had to end, as far too many good things seem to have a tendency to do. Now it's time to knuckle down to a very many more months of cold and school and missing my friends and loved ones like the Dickens... Oh, and blogging too!

Here are a few odds and ends from my travels:

Late nights in my little attic room and digging through my old bins of clothing.

skulking around the compound, heh

a few of my favorite things

...and a happy ending, sort of.

I found a lot of wonderful things at some pretty wonderful prices, you shall see! Oh and yes, I'm in BUST! Thank you to everyone who has mentioned it already. I will put up a scan ASAP, but meanwhile, you can go pick up a copy/browse in the grocery line/take a Barnes & Noble break and scope me on page 35!


traum.taenzerin said...

Your outfits look so great

Suzanna Mars said...

How cool! I'll check that out! (Although when I first read BUST I thought, Oh, dear, she's blown a wad of cash and won't have money for her schoolbooks.)

Love the photos--especially the little collection of bits.

Wendy said...

Very cute photos! I love your outfit, the blouse has such a great design.

soph n terr said...

welcome back! and cute outfits, as always.

Margherita. said...

Great outfit!

AFitz said...

You have a very fun yet sophisticated style; I was reading this and thought you lived in Europe, until I saw your profile! Great blog.