Sparkle sparkle

The BUST Craftacular was fun, but nuts. The place was packed! The constant jostling really took it outta me, but it was worth crossing a couple people off my Christmas list. I still have sooo many gifts I need to buy, for people who I know so little about. And then there's my father and brother-in-laws whose lists each year consist of three things: coffee, chocolate, socks. Sigh.

What do you buy for relatives you're not especially close with, and who don't share your tastes?


Shannon said...

Hi! I think I saw you the other morning at the Q/B 7th Ave station. I was going to introduce myself but the train came. I thought I recognized your rocking hair--maybe it was you! :)

sherbet tone/sarah said...

Oh, Christmas shopping is so difficult for the distant ones. I often buy wine and bake something decadent for them. Anyway, I love that little starlight, star bright pin!

Rachel said...

where do you get your highwaisted skirts from?

ambika said...

Oh, that pin is so gorgeous. And perfect against the green.

Emily said...

I'm faced with the same problem, this Christmas I'm meeting my future (twin!) sisters-in-law for the first time. They're my age, but have totally different interests than I. I'm bringing the future mom-in-law an amaryllis bulb kit, the same thing my mom has been giving her mother-in-law for the past 27 years...

Rhiannon said...

Wow, that pin! Is it vintage?

Kayley said...

Gorgeous outfit.
That brooch is stunning.


Ringo, have a banana! said...

shannon--I don't think it was me, I don't ever ride the Q or B, but if you do spot me one day, please do say hello! I would not be weirded out in the least, in fact, I would be thrilled!

Rachel--pretty much the only skirts I wear these days are from American Apparel, leftovers from when I worked there. I have to say, they're great basics and they last well (except when they start coming apart at the seams, but a few stitches and some angry grumbling soon fixes that)

rhiannon--I'm not sure, it was a gift. It's in pretty amazing condition to be vintage, but it seems possible. Although, tonight I noticed that the end of one of the points is breaking off! I'm so sad!

Bojana said...

wow!! great outfit!!

Amazing blog too!

Anonymous said...