Shock and awe

Sometimes I'm rather alarmed by how short the things I was wearing in summer were! I just pulled this dress I made in July out of the bottom of my suitcase (yes, due to extreme dresser/money shortages, I am still keeping many of my clothes in an enormous suitcase on the floor) and slapped it on over leggings (over tights, I might add) and was almost uncomfortable wearing it with my all my bits fully covered, let alone bare legged! I fear I'm loosing the cojones that working at American Apparel granted me (a tolerance for the perversely short, thanks Dov!) Alas!


sarah/sherbet tone said...

I remember this dress well - and I still think it's ace. Love it with the chartruese.

Stephanie said...

I think you can still definitely pull it off. I mean, look at those scandinavian bloggers! Love the outfit.

skipper said...

i have recently had similar experiences with short skirts, perhaps it was the false confidence of american apparel! i hope everything is going great for you in new york!