Redhead senorita

I honestly think that Karen Elson is one of the most beautiful women alive. I'm awfully tempted these days to go all out and dye my hair really really red. I so admire people who can pull that color off. Odds are I would look like a carrot or, more likely, a circus freak, but there's something about powerfully red hair that conjours up such sweet images of fur collars and little felt hats and snow. It's such a wonderful color to set against grey skies and skyscrapers. Of course, I'm equally tempted to go the Zooey route and try a chocolately brown, even though I know it doesn't really suit me (I've tried, believe me!)

Ah well, I suppose the grass is always greener, eh?


The Happy Hippie said...

I've always wanted flaming red Mary-Jane Watson-esque hair myself, but because my hair is so dark, it always comes out more of an auburn tone. I think you'd look great w/ red hair! Zooey looks fantastic in this pic too, it would be hard to choose who looks better.

Sonia said...

oh, I love red hair! I've been always dreaming 'bout long, stright red hair, but I've got dark, curly. And I think you'd look really good in red.
And Karen Elson is one of my favourite models, especially she's Jack White's wife :)

Francisco said...

In love of you from Argentina. And love your style.

ginaparr said...

I've never wanted red hair because I'm not brave enough, but I've ALWAYS wanted chocolatey brown hair. My hair is blonde though, so it lightens up to this UGLY redish-orange-copper-ish color. It's horrible!

Anyway, you should try the red out! It would be fun and different.

M said...

i love karen elson too- she has been my favorite for a long time, since she had her little bob- but i also love lily cole and, to a lesser extent, cintia dicker. every model should have red hair.

Rhiannon said...

Karen is my favorite redhead by far.

And I think you should keep your natural hair color--it's really kind of '60s British mod girl hair . . . I'd love to have hair that color! :)