Lula at Last!

I finally got my hands on the fifth issue of Lula Magazine the other day, and have been battling my scanner's apparent desire to RUIN MY LIFE for hours ever since trying to get decent scans of its immense, magical fantasticness. I haven't quite lost hope, not QUITE.

Anyone else get their paws on one yet? What do you think? I'm pretty tickled with the folks featured, Mr. Schwartzman (did I mention that I TOUCHED HIM? I did? Ah, so sorry), Bud Cort (yes, I would still hit that in a heart beat), Mia Farrow, and a spread entitled "Love Letter" that is probably the best thing I've seen in a magazine all year, possibly ever. 'Sgoooooood!


Stephanie said...

Where did you end up finding the mag.? I've been going to my local B&N almost everyday to see if they have it. When I bought the last issue it was over in the men's mag. section.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

I never got it from B&N before, only Borders, but this time I got it from a local magazine shop in NYC called Around the World. Good luck to you!

Alix said...

Am I dreaming, or this is not the same cover as we have in Europe ?!!!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

I do believe it is different...and I think I like our's better ;n )

sherbet tone said...

I have been trying in vain to procure a copy. I've alredy been to Barnes and Nobel. Today I went to one Borders - no dice. Had to buy a copy of metro.pop just to keep satisfied. I'm going to try the other locaton tomorrow.

the Grey said...

That's strange that you in the big ole US of A have trouble finding a copy! I live in a little dirthole somewhere in the Where's That?? part of Europe, and I found it at my local supermarket.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

the grey, shut up, just shut up!!! ;n ) Kidding, kidding, but seriously, do ya have to rub it in?

Anonymous said...



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