Storming the tents

Today Jazzer and I hung out in front of the entrance to the tents at Bryant Park, looking like creeps and taking pictures of awesome shoes and really ridiculously good looking people. (I'm ordering a new camera cord tonight, I swear to god, so soon I will actually be able to show you instead of just telling you!)

After long hot hours in the city sun, our spirits were a bit worn out. To be so close to fashion week and not actually be able to go in! But then! A mysterious stranger sporting nerd glasses and an afro (like he just walked off the set of Krush Groove) drew us aside and, out of the goodness of his golden heart, showed us a side entrance where we could just waltz right on in. He disappeared into the subway before we could ask his name, but he did give me an especially enthusiastic thumbs up as a parting gift.

Of course, this only meant that we were inside the tents, not the actual show, for which you did indeed need an invitation. It did, however, give us full access to an open bar which only served to further enhance he ridiculously good lookingness of everyone around us, ourselves included. We intend to go back tomorrow all fanced up and do it again, double time!


j.m. said...

You've got an NYC map on the back of your door too! Hurray! I'm not the only one! Granted, I've been living here 3 years and still can't remember my way around.... damn.

Anonymous said...

Dear Girl,

I don't know who you are, but j.m. has assured me you are awesome. I just want to assure you in return that j.m. is awesome too. He's a combination fashion photographer/mechanical engineer (~100:1), a man of many talents, and I think he's someone you should chance to know!

P.S. I'm not j.m. -- honest!

amber said...

Hello Beautiful!
I've written a love letter to Ringo, Have a Banana on PainfullyHip.com!

big daddy said...

Like your new lay out. Whats that picture at the top of?
So jealous of ny fashion week, your so lucky!!

Danny said...

you're missing the suspenders.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

big daddy--I feel bad, but I can't remember where the photo is from! I found it saved on my computer. Danny, once I saw a pair of suspenders that looked like measuring tapes in a thrift store and I did not buy them and I still regret it to this day!

Candid Cool said...

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