Sorry guys!

Things have been a bit nuts with school and boyfriends and LIFE, but I'll be back on track in no time, and I have a new camera cord so WOOT!


ahnahleebahnahnuhlee said...

so i love your blog and then i realized (i live in santa cruz) that you were that one girl at american apparel that seemed like the only nice person that worked there. so, uh, yeah.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Haha, oh wow, that's so funny! Yeah, good ol' AA. I can totally see why everyone in there came off as assholes, I was terrified when I first started working there. But really, for the most part anyways, they're just bored and bitter and pissed off at their shitty manager and had big old hearts of gold. Some of them were jsut straight douches though, heh. Man, I miss Santa Cruz more than I ever thought possible. I miss my free wheelin' California lifestyle, hard!