Update on the update

So. Last night my laptop and wallet were stolen out of my room during a party at my new house in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, this is probably gonna put a damper on my blogging ability for sometime to come. I will be up and running as soon as I can, but honestly I have no idea when that will be at this point. Thanks to everyone who's sticking around, I'm not gone, just...a little down at the moment. I'll try and keep you all posted.


dorkas said...

heya, new reader, and devastated to hear this. moving's hard enough. what crap. good luck, lady.

meighan said...

oh man. hang in there. i'm so sorry. moving to new places things always seem to get shaken up. 6 yrs ago when i moved to sf, i got fired from the job (had been there for less than a month)that moved me 3000 miles away from everyone i knew, it was a week after september 11th, my apt caught on fire, i was groped on the street and i got doored by a port-a-potty.

the universe will re-align. probably little comfort...but hang in there! all good thoughts.

sarah said...

thats the shittiest.
and not just for selfish no-updates-and-general-vicarious-business
but you seem like a really sweet/smart lady and stupid ass-ness like this just shouldn't happen to you.
but since it has
i'll offer you the one piece of quasi-truth that an obnoxious roommate once told me after i had been uncerimoniously dumped, fired and faced with the prospect of moving back in with the folks:
things have a funny way of working out.
the roommmate was a total bitch whore and i hated her all the more for her trust funds platitudes, but it was true then, and everything continues to have a funny way of working out.
take care

Sherbet Tone said...

Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I really am. I am not a super avid blog reader, but I do tend to check up on yours. Take your time. Blogging can wait. I wish you all the best.


krissy said...

oh no! i'm new around here too and will miss your updates but no worries...i'll be back when you're around again. i'm so sorry to hear about your bad luck! that's so miserable. here's hoping for karma to go bite the bad person in the ass.

stephanie said...

thank you for updating us even sans laptop.

i feel your pain, i've been robbed before, it's incredibly inconvenient.

things will get better, i hope for you.

vasiliisa said...

Oh man, what a shitty thing to happen, I'm really sorry to hear about that. Things do have a way of working out tho, eventually, so hang in there!

WendyB said...

Sorry :-(

Pretty Girl said...

I just discovered your blog and i love it. I'm so sorry that your precious belonging were stolen, that is definitely the worst way to start off living in a new city.