It wouldn't be make-believe...if it was 20 degrees cooler outside

The other day, as part of my on-going initiative to avoid packing (and partly inspired by that mother of all time-wasters, Stylemob), I played a little Fall dress-up.

It actually got me a wee bit excited for cooler climes (no easy task, I spent the first 18 years of my life freezing my ass off about 10 months of the year). Layers! Colors! Textures! Velvet! Bwaaaaah!

The white beret is BACK. Actually, I've commissioned my dear old ma to knit me a red one, so Herr Weiße Baskenmütze's reign of terror may be short lived. Funny story, it was so cold and miserable where I lived last winter that not only did I wear this hat every day, I also slept in it every night. Ha! Oh northwest Washington you CAD you!

I just finished taking in this dress and the sleeves are still a bit weird though I can't fathom why exactly, but still, it has pockets! Also, working at American Apparel has provided me with so many colors of tights and leggings that it is bordering on perverse. I have nigh on 20 shades for my legs to enjoy this year.

Not least of all is chartreuse! Although these are from H&M, not AA.

Chartreuse is the new black, y'all. Actually, chartreuse and black is the new black. I gotta get my hands on those socks! Anyways, I can't say that I didn't feel a bit of a psychopath wearing four layers of clothing and a wool coat while outside my window, entire families bickering about funnel cake were wearing outfits whose combined yardage wouldn't even have swaddled an Olsen Twin. But I now have more hope for the future. Fashion hope at any rate. I'll take whatever hope I can get.


Alix said...

Your outfits are really nice! love the tights and the color palette :)

Sally Jane said...

Love the outfits. I'm guilty of playing a little dress up lately myself. I'm getting ready for a move from sunny LA to northern PA in January! I think my first New England winter might actually kill me.

meighan said...

been dying to get yellow tights! you look adorable. nyc will be great.

a.swank.circumference said...

20 pairs of leggings!! thats so great! love the outfits